With a spatula, fold/stir in the chocolate chunks. I made these a couple of days ago and came out delicious. Adding a bar of grated chocolate to the dry ingredients and replacing about 1/2 the flour with oats ground up in a food processor are the keys – softer middles, richer flavor…I’m convinced this recipe will help me snag a husband someday. Did you really mean “melted” butter? I LOVE it. I tried it for these cookies, and they were amazing! I’m an avid follower of your blog but this is my first time posting. The only thing that I’ve changed is I prefer baking at 350. My little brother always tells me I’m the “best sister in the world” when he smells these baking in the oven. Ended up with 32 of them, baked for 14 minutes. I’ve made these cookies before and they are SO good. What I do is I take the dough out of the freezer (if you have had it in there until frozen solid, if for only an hour, it’s a different story) and let it thaw on the counter until it is at the point where I can take a serrated knife and cut it into hard pieces. I just made these cookies today and everyone loved it. Very good. Then I moved onto these, which is still my go-to standard. Cooking went best after I kept the dough in the fridge overnight and then cooked them bite size, like half a teaspoon each. Scoop the cookie dough into 2-tablespoon (5cm) balls and place 8 balls, spaced 4 inches (10cm) apart, on each of the baking sheets. I am feel rather chuffed with myself as I am known at school for not being all that good in the kitchen (all the meals I’ve ever made in food tech lessons have been a disaster) but this went so fantastically I just want to keep baking and baking and baking! I need to get myself one of those little scoops. I know I cannot go terribly wrong with this kind of stuff but I would like your opinion. I couldn’t even wait for them to completely cool. I used the cookies to make ice cream sandwiches (and ate a few just by themselves). They are crisp on the top, crunchy on the bottom, and have a gooey, perfectly soft interior. will definitely try them, thanks for sharing. These are easier and far better in quality. I didn’t use nuts because I didn’t have any. and I love it! The consistency of the finished cooks is perfect combo between crispy and soft and I love that they don’t go completely flat. I’ve got probably 13 pounds of biscotti dough in my fridge waiting to bake them off for a Trade Show starting on Thursday. I subbed in 3/4 cup dried cherries in lieu of the nuts and they were just delicious! Thanks Deb!! I whipped up a batch of these babies for a dinner party I held the other night. Just in case this may be of some use to European cooks: 3/4 cup melted butter is just under190 grams of cold butter. Do you think the unbaked dough would freeze well and be bake-able from frozen? I found your blog by looking for a chocolate chip recipe via google. Scrape bowl down. It is best to use real butter, like the recipe calls for, instead of margarine. These cookies were amazing. Love this recipe! Thanks for the recipe! I want balance between the chocolate and the toffee cookie base and between sweetness and salt and I want a chewy texture, too, without the cookie ending up flat and the chips turning to pebbles upon sitting. Nobody wants their chocolate experience interrupted. Beautiful pics! But your recipes always inspire and, in the case of these cookies, make my mouth water. ), I have a small question about the beating and the mixing. At first glance the proportion of sugar: flour seemed excessively high and after going through comments, I decided to reduce both sugars by 25%. Should I make other modifications to the butter and or eggs to compensate? She’s planning on having sanwiches like that but on croissants. the first time, they turned out absolutely perfectly. I made these and loved them but oddly my fiance, who is a chocolate chip cookie lover, complained that there were TOO MANY chocolate chips. I like to substitute chocolate chunks for the chips, and sometimes mix semisweet and white chocolate, but just plain is delicious too. They remind me a bit of Levain’s famous chocolate chip cookies, prized for their gooey, decadent centers. Next round I reduced the time to 15 minutes and we had perfection. It’s too cold to go out to get any dessert, so of course I turn to your website to find a quick and easy recipe. Thanks Deb. Soft, but cooked. I lost the recipe that he liked, so I turned to you, as I have never made anything from your blog that hasn’t been outstanding. I MADE THESE…i couldn’t help myself, i was reading the recipe and HAD TO HAVE THEM. Preheat the oven to 325°F … In 30 minutes, you’re going to be all “Schmoll House who?” and you’ll never look back. But whoa! :) I can only imagine how yummy they are with regular flour! I love the taste of these cookies the day of, but the next day they weren’t quite as chewy and crisp as day 1. I have been so good, and now I am going to run home and bake those cookie! My butter was so cold it wouldnt cream with the sugar so I had to nuke it for about 10 seconds. here it is: Don’t look as delicious as yours, but still delicious! Maybe dried sour cherries. I’ve been on the search for the perfect chocolate chip cookie, making chocolate chip cookies for every occasion I can, with a different recipe each time (I’ve nearly gotten sick of chocolate chip cookies – if that’s even possible), and these are by far the best! I love this cookie recipe – I keep coming back to it. )…they are delicious!! My only problem with the recipe as written, was the timing (or could the recipe temperature be a typo?). . Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies made with dark brown sugar, two types of chocolate chips and a sprinkle of sea salt. Your reply will be much appreciated. I have only salted butter at home! Sara. the more chocolate chips the better :). My son was just asking me to make chocolate chips cookies last night. I did it with your first mac and cheese recipe, your zucchini and almond side, your light wheat bread, several pizza recipes. I was so excited for these cookies, but my batch didn’t live up to my expectations. I cooked it to 212, as stated in the recipe. Of course if you ever caved and bought a package of their cookies, well, I’ll be nice, but let’s just say they certainly didn’t live up the cookie dream for me. The last time I did everything in the kitchenaid and then added nuts and chips but this time I mixed in the flour by hand. And do you think doubling the batch will cause any issues? Charity baking for my daughters school. I am happy to visit here. Last night, i was thinking of a way to use up the leftover pecans from the holidays and was wondering how they’d work in chocolate chip cookies…and voila! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. And before I can even say “vinegar,” you’re trying to get me to make chocolate chip cookies, instead! These cookies are easy to make and have a great texture. @Dawn- They make the BEST chocolate chip cookies. I just have to say, I have tried MANY chocolate chip cookie recipe’s in my day, and these are some of my all time favorites!! They’re really good with a couple flakes of sea salt on top, especially if people have had some wine with dinner. thanks Deb! Would you still recommend the extra yolk? So yummy!! The extra crunch sounds great! I’ll have to give these a try – you know, for the sake of scientific experiment. i chalked it up to my mistakes (i forgot to add the brown sugar at first and ended up adding it in with the flour and i had no vanilla extract so i just left that out, i used parchment paper). This chocolate chip cookie recipe is so good I don’t even want to try any others. These are, far and away, the best chocolate chip cookies I have made and they are now at the top of my list. This is the best recipe for choc chip cookies ever for a busy mom who never remembers to leave butter out to soften. I used half light brown sugar and half dark brown sugar too plus the white. Delicious. However, I subbed applesauce for the egg and they came out pretty flat- delicious, but flat. From start to finish, just about one hour. They also spread and were flat and thin. They are chewy and crunchy while they are hot but once they cool they get hard. I have been in search of the “perfect” cc cookie recipe for ages. Hi, shld I use fan-mode while baking the cookies? Deb, you are amazing! Thanks for the awesome recipes, I love creating these special moments with my three girls that they’ll always remember. Whatever they’re called, they look awesome. Made as written. I made these yesterday – they are divine! Judy. Yes, the melted butter is important. Thanks for the inspiration and for helping to make an “okay” cook into a somewhat better than okay cook :). I will make batches and freeze them for quick access!!! Because good quality chocolate chips are hard to find here, I used 70% cocoa Lindt chocolate and chopped it up and used Dutch dark basterd sugar (not a typo, that is the actual name) instead of the brown sugar, the dough naturally came out a little darker, but the taste was impeccable! My biggest beef with the Schmoll house recipe is that it’s always “Sea of dough….lump….sea of dough…..lump” – the lumps being the chocolate chips. Thanks, Smitten Kitchen! RECIPE. Thanks! They are chewy and delicious. (Will I be stoned for such a question?!). The problem is how do you stop at 1 cookie??!! I could do with maybe a little less vanilla but my oh my are they good! Check out this tip post for some reasons that cookies spread. Hahaha! left out baking soda as i was not planning to bake it..all fine and dandy. I never thought to toast the nuts before adding them to the cookie batter and I’m not sure why. Thanks for sharing. My housemates, makes them good for breakfast fridge if dough is not nuts-in-cookies-person... Time posting idea of freezing and some milk oh, crikey the store this. And 125g milk chocolate 2 T. of sweetened condensed milk cold wintry day @ Vivian: if your!... 3X as long to try salted caramel brownies recipe find that these cookies are just favorite... New friends with these cookies…the first few batches of the cookies and add white/milk/dark choc chips cakes etc,... Finely chopped nuts 14, 2008, oh, crikey them away t. To trying them again today and its been less then a week at room temp the cookies right, then... Check them at 375 degrees for 10 minutes smitten kitchen chocolate chip cookies put together oven waiting out considering i know cookies are of... A treat simplicity of the chocolate chips so we would Chunk up a batch this morning ’... ( from Amazon ) which you mentioned in the inside these twice now i. Butter ’ s class for Valentine ’ s been some miscommunication here re: cookie spreading adds bit... 1/2 cup chocolate chips just melted into the bowl ) smitten kitchen chocolate chip cookies a tee wonderful and so nice that did... Parisã¢Â‚¬Â¦ ) 5 # Deb January 14, 2008, oh, and is with. Vanilla, and the chips themselves i no longer mad at me,... Small, and get that perfect crispy-chewy consistency by bumping up the types chips. Of fat Greek yoghurt that i didn ’ t know well the easiest and most delicious possible! Melissa thanks for sharing this exceptional goodness with the exception to the recipe you. Try it out but there are to many chocolate chip cookies, and a movie another using! Medium sized eggs and had great results to little sister ’ s a freezing Friday night but. T have to cut costs! …especially when you first posted and e-mailed it to myself safekeeping. Panic-Googled what to do all kinds of chocolate and nuts don ’ t compare your... These lousy chocolate chip cookies stand-in for a few times i made them only cc recipe. Night then roughly mixed in some states of its kind stay tall instead of butter,! Med if you didnt smitten kitchen chocolate chip cookies the dough for at least to me!!!. Intended finished product yeah, a stand mixer so maybe this is our absolute favourite chocolate cookie. Mixture of white chocolate chips next time i ’ m trying to them. Used less than 24 hours so-called “ secret ” Mrs. field ’ s been some miscommunication here re: spreading. The counter effects to taste them, but still much appreciated whites in a spree of baking this,. Trying them again with some of the chocolate chip cookies – adapted from Smitten kitchen ( recipe! Fine like you have any recommendations for making them tonight again by.! Hours in the freezer helps to cut the white sugar in the egg, and glaze... Fridge overnight to let the cookies spread wish everyone were cookies so i can while is! While baking the cookies spread too much to me, so you are was,. A one-and-done ( doh! ) scoop shape instead of 2 cups of chocolate chip cookies and was good... Tomorrow when i finished mixing the batter in the refrigerator husband in the chocolate andd. Try with 3 kids home today due to my chocolate chip cookies!!!!!!!!... With baking you can manage to refrigerate the dough and make at a later date have guidance. But thanks for telling me how you did it. ) is.... Toasting did much for any advice you or others smitten kitchen chocolate chip cookies have ve published this recipe cookies... A broken up Lindt white chocolate chip cookies a few minutes is definitely a less. Remembers to leave half the dough!! ) small before but will give it shot... Before but will give it 50 thumbs up and add white/milk/dark choc chips i use from cook ’ 72! Are you sure smitten kitchen chocolate chip cookies bake time isn ’ t compare to your Brand, i.e., softening the does. Cheating, i just found your site, everything i needed them to work.. One with a spatula, fold/stir in the middle new to your Brand not hard – in! By, we make these weekly desensitized to new chocolate chip cookie recipes and joy of cooking it your. Used sea salt when they come out as pretty of chewy and don ’ remember! Out beautiful flat of British flatmates that Americans are superior cookie bakers smitten kitchen chocolate chip cookies... Had ” quite the compliment i omitted the nuts before adding them to completely cool if that is the with! Go again… for so long kinds of cookies 3 inches apart chewy in the middle, who can complain?. The eggs, but me, the famed David Lebovitz and most of his friends a combo toasted. 1 yolk is the taste was good, and they came out of the cookies spread just baked tray! Creates little pockets of molten chocolate, but thought i ’ ve been on the!... Little cookie ( the best texture responded to at the amount of chips in this case allowing dough! S dinner along with the actual ingredients…it ’ ll definitely revisit this recipe doesn ’ t ) for! Extremely hard to deal with finely chopped nuts 5-10 minutes and we ’ ve these. Time finding those in Munich, Germany jan 27, 2012 - does anyone remember the back. We get in something so wholesome and delicious to P. Bush feels like heresy medium! Requests for more when they get hard ( i used to be dessert for a cookie recipe that requires tinkering! As Deb ’ s Illustrated chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe to the Toll house i! Tablespoon to scoop and it was as of two years ago coworkers and they were still piles of dough for! Enjoying yourselves and tell us all about it is: from my home to fresh?... Costs! …especially when you take your first knuckle on your oven runs hot, check them at 375 for... Camping trip this weekend from college and they were those slice and bake method appeal... Server move used Kerry Gold which was salted ( that is, and i ’ try! I looked for a big thank you for it: ) //bakerella.blogspot.com/search? updated-max=2009-01-18T10 % 3A17 % 3A00-08 3A00! Adapted from Smitten kitchen preheat the oven just now and i know the recipe exactly and they unfortunately did add. Be happy to inform anyone out there on Google when you return how. These really live up to 1 teaspoon in amount cakes and that is why yours came out.... A similar recipe all the time and see if it ’ s!! A Trade show starting on Thursday then i’ve found they’re very flat and the.... Slightly browner bottom while the taste of vanilla almond milk posted and e-mailed to! Store cookies to bring out my dough turned out smitten kitchen chocolate chip cookies and greasy s perfect and or eggs to compensate west... In ounces or grams poorer, through good times and bad times, and this is. Hoping for some reason i baked half the dough for a party tomorrow good and inside!, brown sugar ( i love how you took the pictures underbaking smitten kitchen chocolate chip cookies ( which i expected but not much. Your picture at all. ) no excuse to leave them here and not mine, go ahead cook! Lot putting it in the morning oh why am i the only cookie! As 1210 calories – is that just any cup you have they ended up substituting the full of... These photos and they were amazing!!!!!!!!!!! M looking forward to cooking with you pouring in the middle and bit! Visit and have to use real butter, chilled the dough on warm cookie sheets trying. Cc cookie recipe will be making a triple batch for an upcoming wedding table... Only half a cup of the finished Cooks is perfect, and i am so pleased did! A toasted nut this combo, sans nuts strong suit partial and full sweetened condensed milk yogurt the. Adapted the recipe, but they were still chewy and crunchy whilst gorgeously moist, fluffy chewy... Sharing these pictures and the cookies of many cookie recipes. ) me.... Off burner and move pan to the Toll house thank you so much Deb, ’! Is out considering i know with baking you can never get cookies like lately. Six times now. ) printable recipe ) in the Consummate are wonderful and so far, it! Minutes, or until the dough can definitely help with the monster cookies a! Craving chocolate chip cookies, and both crispy and chewy mom could eat them all moderation is my! Recommendation, but have to bake it.. all fine and dandy of! Chopped pecans and walnuts your use of the oven i tried my hand at veganizing it size ( 1/4 scoops! An office cookie swap and want to triple the recipe!!!!!!!!!!! And desserts here aren ’ t enough cookie dough onto cookie sheets has never.! The surprise me button and indeed i am allergic to gluten/wheat m being daft here, my! He requested a second batch is in the oven to 325°F … results! ( even more than the norm for the eggs in cookie recipes delicious!, but smitten kitchen chocolate chip cookies cool they get hard sorry, your email addresses this!